About Us

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Since 2010 we at Crowntech have been re- lentlessly working on design and research in order to provide our clients with the most refined implant surface technology.

Two years after our launch (2012), we began a long and fruitful cooperation with the renowned University of Istanbul`s dental de- partment. To this day we continue to benefit from this alliance in the design of our dental surface technology.

As local manufacturers, we aim to gain a strong foothold of the global market; chal- lenging our fellow competitors and maturing into an internationally recognized brand.

We are confident that we have the tools and expertise needed that will serve as a means to provide great reputation in our country`s pro- duction standards, shrinking any internation- al hesitation or doubt. From peak to valley, doctors to patients, we at Crowntech aspire to make an increasingly positive impression on any who encounter our products.

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